Оn 22 April 2023 preparation for spring tree planting was discussed

Today we discussed the preparatory activities ahead of the spring tree planting to be held on April 22.

Vladimir Kirakosyan, chairman of the Ministry’s Forestry Committee, Sevak Markosyan, acting director of “Hayantar” SNCO, and representatives of the ministry’s professional units participated in the discussion.

The chairman of the forestry committee presented the course of preparatory works for tree planting.

A number of questions were presented regarding the equal distribution of areas, human and technical resources for tree planting.

On the initiative of the Ministry of Environment, it is planned to carry out spring tree planting in “Gyumri Forestry” (2 ha), “Sisian Forestry” (1 ha), “Tashir Forestry” (1 ha), “Vanadzor Forestry” of “Hayantar” SNCO of Forestry Committee of the Ministry of Environment. ” (1 ha) in branches.

Selected tree species: pine, maple, ash.

I asked my colleagues to show maximum consistency and ensure the proper organization of tree planting.

Dear Citizens, we would like to mention that for the participation in the process of tree planting activities various public and private sector organizations and individual citizens can also participate. “Hayantar” SNCO of the Forestry Committee will provide free saplings and the areas where the nationwide tree planting will be carried out.