Chairman of the Forestry Committee, Vladimir Kirakosyan, today held a working meeting…

📌 Chairman of the Forestry Committee, Vladimir Kirakosyan, today held a working meeting-consultation with the directors of the “Forestry” branches of the “Aryantar” SNCO of the Forestry Committee.

✅ First deputy chairman of the Forestry Committee Sergo Atanesyan, deputy chairman of the committee Arusyak Siradeghyan, acting director of “Hayantar” SNCO Sevak Markosyan, deputy director Vahram Sedrakyan were also present at the consultation.

✅ At the core of the working consultation were issues related to the planned afforestation in the coming autumn, as well as the provision of free firewood to the population of the settlements near the forest.

✅ Mr. Kirakosyan urged the directors of “Forestry” branches to concentrate all their abilities and potential, because in the coming autumn, unprecedented scale afforestation works are expected.

✅ The directors of “Forestry” branches presented the problems in their branches, which can slow down the tree planting preparations. Mr. Kirakosyan instructed the management staff of “Hayantar” SNCO and branch directors to be consistent with the works carried out in forestry, not to ignore any detail that may hinder the normal course of the expected afforestation works.

  ✅ Mr. Kirakosyan also noted that new seasonal employees will also be involved in the expected large-scale afforestation works, which implies the creation of new jobs.

✅ Referring to the procedure of free provision of spare firewood, Mr. Kirakosyan noted that the period of providing spare firewood should be changed in the near future, the provision of spare firewood in all months of the year should be excluded, so that the efficiency of other current works carried out in forestry will also increase.